City of Volos by night

My city

Volos is the city where I was born and raised, a city built at the foot of Mount Pelion. It was the homeland of mythological hero Jason, who boarded the ship Argo accompanied by the Argonauts and sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece to Colchis.

Our beautiful Mount Pelion was the residence of the Centaurs of Greek mythology, creatures that were part human and part horse, the most famous of whom was Cheiron. Mythology mingles with history through the coexistence of the ancient monuments, the Neolithic settlemets and the beehive tombs of the Mycenaean era in the regions of Sesklo and Dimini.

During the Hellenistic period the wider region of our city was an important centre. (The Athanassakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos is one of the oldest museums of our country and remains the central and most important archaeological museum of the region of Thessaly; it was built in 1909).

The journey through the city’s history brings us to the present about which there is so much to say! Having such a rich and important past we cannot but keep on trying not to be compared with it but live a life as good as possible, full of creativity… = 3271

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